16 stories that will horripilate your arms, cause you shock and awe, make you tear up, and inflict emotions you didn't know you had. A man in a doctor's office, ending up as decor in an all-female club. An anxiety-filled daughter who dreamed she was hunted down as a crow. Amongst these longer stories are several flash fictions, and one longer work. Explore, read, and enjoy this eBook filled with horrors, dramas, and traumas.

Thistle | 16 Short Stories


This digital book is ready for download as an ePub document. This means it can be read on any ePub reader or any ePub-reading application. It has sixteen stories, ready to read. This book has 110 pages, filled with many flash fictions, short stories, and one longer short story. Perfect for the busy bee! Enjoy while scrolling through your phone at breakfast or on your lunch break.

2020 Marmosetic Wolves

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