If love is the strongest emotion, then what is hate without love? What is identity without hate and love? What is it besides what we do because of what we love and hate? Is that who we are? Is that what we are?


These poems are about identity, fear, relationships, and who I am versus who I used to be. They're in order from me not knowing who I was, evolving into my existence to love me more than anyone else could or can. They're in order from the toxicity in my life to my shedding that toxicity.


Check out the free poems in this collection's preview images. That way you have a good idea of what the poetry in this ebook is like!

I AM DIRT | A Poetry Collection


This digital book is ready for download as an ePub document. This means it can be read on any ePub reader or any ePub-reading application. It has over a hundred poems, ready to read. It has 148 pages... which means around 140 poems. That's a ton of poetry! Enjoy reading during a thunderstorm under candlelight.

2020 Marmosetic Wolves

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