A year has passed since this book of poetry was first published as two separate books.


The separate collections were called BEAUTY AND DECEIT and HUMAN DISEASE. They've been spliced together as on, large work. These poetry collections began as a way to describe who I was when clutching onto a faux persona.


This website was quiet, still, waiting for me to return after an evolution of self. However, the work in this book remains unchanged -- the same, dark look at the world from when I was spiraling into psychosis. The books of poetry following this one follow my psychotic nature as I entered the healing process.


Beauty & Deceit is now a combination of Human Disease and the original copy of the first published book of poetry. Think of it as Beauty & Deceit 2.0.


Check out the free poems in this collection's preview images. That way you have a good idea of what the poetry in this ebook is like!

Beauty Disease | Poetry Collection


This digital book is ready for download as an ePub document. This means it can be read on any ePub reader or any ePub-reading application. It has over a hundred poems, ready to read. This book has 102 pages, which means it has about 95 poems. Perfect to read in one sitting! Enjoy while scrolling through your phone at breakfast or on your lunch break.

2020 Marmosetic Wolves

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