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Hello Fellow Wolves,

Let the trumpeter trumpet, let the drums roll, and let us play wild guitar shred because my first EP of electro-industrial, surrealist, experimental, I Don't Bite... Hard is now on Apple Music!

It's about three nights of being desiccated, defiled, and abused in my own apartment. It's about the nature of evil descending onto my body during a time when my seizures happened twenty-four-seven. It's about how this evil used my seizures to pleasure himself as he fucked me from behind.

The middle song is my voice, screaming, yelling, crying, as I bring up old emotions to show the experience and pain through my words. It's called "Stockholm Syndrome" because of how they trapped me in my own home and manipulated me into believing what they wanted me to believe.

The other two songs, one at the beginning and one at the end, show pain, insanity, and what it costs to lose oneself to Stockholm Syndrome in an electronically instrumental way.

If that doesn't move your furniture (hardcore sci-fi fans might catch that reference), then there are tons of new art pieces in both the Shame In The Void gallery and The Pride Museum gallery. Both of which can be found on the Exhibition page, or, you can magically find yourselves there by following the underlined text. If you'd like a preview, there are some pieces in this News entry in the form of a mini gallery.

Press that little button on your trackpad to view each one separately.

For the writers out there, an article which discusses how to use a character template, and the importances of using them, can be found here. I love using character templates.

Not only are they super helpful for truly getting into a character's head, but they also ask what's important to them, what makes them tic, what are their neuroses, not only what their flaws are, but also what their redeeming qualities are. Every antagonist, just like every protagonist, has redeeming qualities. Every protagonist, just like every antagonist, has inescapable flaws. How does the audience see them?

A character template helps because it allows you to understand how there are shades of grey, rather than what we see as the black-and-white world of 'bad'. There are many shades of grey, just like there are many shades of blue, red, and green.

This was one of the most difficult articles I had to write, along with creating a template that was well-rounded enough to show the facets of a character. That way, they could be treated as a real person, as they should be.

And, lastly, for those of you who use Apple Books, my poetry collection about one of the biggest, longest, and scariest relationships I've ever had can be found here. This relationship was so toxic that I took on the behavior of a woman I did not know and did not like.

The woman who was abusing me would say these things that were not okay, yet would downplay them as being 'normal'. But, what is normal, anyway? When she was drunk, she'd beg me for nude pics until I gave in, no matter how many times I told her, 'No.' No just wasn't a word she was used to hearing. I became withdrawn, angry, and bitter. I became toxic off of her toxicity, always angry -- always upset, angry, and equally as toxic.

I learned to react to her behavior because I always stuffed down the bitterness in my throat. That's what the poems in Fake Flowers is: how something so beautiful, such as her and her love, could be so fake -- fraudulent, even.

This collection can also be found, here, on Etsy.

As always, there's something for everyone here. Whether you're a fan of poetry, surrealism, electronic music, or writing, there are so many different things to do here and so many different things to see. As someone who loves to create, creating anything and everything allows me to feel as free as I want to. The aspect of creating all of the art forms, rather than limiting myself to one, brings me a kind of joy that I wouldn't have otherwise. It's the kind of excitement that one might find riding a roller coaster.

Speaking of roller coasters, there are tons of new pins on my Pinterest account. You'll find most of my art there, but there are also other things, such as journaling prompts, fiction prompts, and interesting quotes. One of the journaling prompts is about a roller coaster, which is why, of course, I thought of that. Find my Pinterest, here.

If anyone likes the idea of me writing my own entries to my journaling prompts, rather than just keeping them to myself, let me know in the comments below! If anyone does, that's cool, too. I have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for anyone who is interested.

Other than that, there's not much to say, so have a nice day!


Helena Ortiz

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