Tuesday's Flames

Yes, stating that I'm going to keep a news page here never does seem to happen, but that's all about to change.

Before the pandemic happened, there wasn't as much going on here. Yes, I was posting. Yes, I was creating as much as I could create, such as my newest poetry collection, WAR OF WILL, which you can find on Apple Books and Etsy. But, there wasn't as much of everyday work being put into this website.

Much of the time, I was building projects, but not being active on social or putting out much of anything.

And by the way, Etsy made a mistake. WAR OF WILL, was supposed to be auto-renewed instantly after each person purchased a copy, but it did not. This, of course, has been fixed, which means I might have to manually renew it for a while. I have no idea whether that was a pandemic thing or not, but it might have been.

I'm sorry to whoever tried to purchase a copy when the listing was down.

Returning to our subject: there just wasn't a reason to have a specific portion of the website for news. It would have been silly. But, now that I'm creating almost everyday, and have the need for a place where people can see what's new, this doesn't seem silly.

Now, it seems silly to have newsletters.

There's too much to write in them. There are too many updates here everyday to shove all into an e-mail that will be there one minute, gone the next. Having a portion of Marmosetic Wolves dedicated to them will not only make them more permanent, but will also help you in the long run.

Those who are subscribed to the newsletter will be receiving notices in their mailboxes of these entries. If you'd like to receive updates to the News section of Marmosetic Wolves, please subscribe in the subscribe box above.

Okay... now that we're done with the boring stuff, here's some fun stuff below.

For those writers out there, I devised an article around character creation. Many of these exercises you can also use if you're an actor, screenwriter, or any other profession that surrounds character work. Hell, you can probably even use them as devices for a concept music album. However, they are written from my point of view as a fiction writer, so please be aware of that.

You can find the article here.

Also, there are tons of new pieces of art in the Exhibition's three galleries: First Doodles, Shame In The Void, and The Pride Museum. All of the galleries are for those like me who enjoy good ol' strange art... very strange... and almost minimalistic, but not quite.

I love to draw, and love it so much that I'm even showing off those terrible, mortifying, and hilarious mistakes I've had the misfortune to have drawn. Those mistakes can be found in Shame In The Void.

First Doodles are those little sketches that are some of the first I've ever done when starting out drawing, having been completed in middle school and high school.

And The Pride Museum is just that: pieces that I'm proud to have drawn.

And, finally... dun dun dun... there are tons of new songs both to stream and for sale in the website's Amphitheater. Five of them are electronic and experimental pieces that I've spent a lot of time on, fixing and trying to perfect (although there is no such thing as perfect), and one of them is myself singing a cappella through way of acting.

I feel like the most important part of singing is emoting, so when I recorded that song, I tried to put myself in the mindset of reliving what I was singing about, no matter how much it hurt. And then I proceeded to have a panic attack in the form of a seizure... but, you know, I'm used to those by now (I'm not really used to them; I'm just saying that).

Anyway, please enjoy all of these wonderful new bits of this and that. I'll be working as hard as I can to keep you entertained during the time of the pandemic. Of course, when it's over, and if we haven't all turned into zombies eating brain mush stew, I'll still be working as hard as I can to keep you entertained.

Have fun and be safe,

Helena Ortiz

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