Saturday's Thorns

For the past couple of days, the car has been my office. Whether it was because I was waiting for my mother to finish with a doctor's appointment, or because she and I were on a road trip to pick up a chair... the car has been my office. My lap has been my desk, my "Nasty Woman" playlist has been my soundtrack, and, all in all, I got a bunch of crap done.

I'm proud of myself.

I feel like anyone who gets at least one thing done a day should be proud of themselves. If you're not, you'll get discouraged. You should never get discouraged for not completing a task, no matter how big or how small. It's why I keep a list of things I've accomplished in any given day, aptly called, "What I've Accomplished Today," with the date scribbled underneath it in my chicken scratch.

There's a lot to do, and there will always be tons to do, but punishing yourself for not getting as much as you want done should never happen.

Be happy. Be proud of yourself.

So, my lap has been my desk for the past couple of days.

Today was the first day I really used the Internet. If my lap was still being used as a desk, I would have used a phone hotspot. Those are ridiculously handy when without a Wifi signal.

Today, I added many more pieces to The Pride Museum. Some of them can be seen below.

My work seems to be evolving at a slow pace, but at least it's evolving. That's all we can ever ask of ourselves, right? It's best if we acknowledge that we will always be breathing out new fires if we allow ourselves.

The rest of the works can be found in The Pride Museum, here.

I also added two more poems to Poetry.

One of them is called "Body Composition," about how, rather than being cruel to myself over gaining weight, I should be practicing what I preach and take care of myself so I look and feel good -- regardless of the number on the scale. This means showering, putting on makeup, and finding clothing that makes me look as good as I want to feel.

You can find it, here.

The other is called "Insurance," which is about how, when I was having a seizure, naked under a blanket, someone broke into my apartment and took a picture of me so that they could mock me and show all of their small-minded friends. I know that picture is out there somewhere, and even though that bothered me then, it doesn't bother me now. If they're going to play stupid games, I'm not going to let them play them with me. They can keep that picture because it only makes them look bad.

You can find that poem, here.

There are many things I'm going to try to get done tonight, including some music-writing, short story-editing, and audio-recording some poetry. If I don't get to all of that today, there is always tomorrow.

If you decide to follow me on social, my Pinterest has tons of writing prompts for your pen, my Instagram has tons of art for your eyes, Instagram also has my life in its story, and Twitter is fun because I make fun of our Dicktator Tot sometimes... and other times I'm a total rando.


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