Saturday's Flames

For those of you who have been listening to my music on SoundCloud and here, on the website, I have a surprise for you. It'll make tuning into my first EP, I Don't Bite... Hard, rather easy.

Find the way to pre-add them on those apps, here.

Soon, my second EP will be available on your favorite music apps, too. It can already be found, here on the website and here on Soundcloud. However, it'll be handy for those of you who use different apps to listen and enjoy your favorite tunes to tune in to those, rather than only these two places.

Of course, you could always purchase my music, which I love just as much as any streaming. As long as it doesn't suck, it should be streamed or bought. Sucking and who sucks, however, is completely subjective because music is art.

God, I love being an artist. It's much better than being a crappy surgeon who forgot a scalpel inside of a wound and decided to leave it there... or, a professional clown, who, whenever trying to make balloon animals, accidentally pops them. Now that would suck!

So, enjoy the music, and keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned in for updates as to when the second EP will be available on more platforms. Until then, enjoy the first.


Helena Ortiz

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