Friday's Tears

Fellow Wolves,

I'm blasting music at my desk. My little, retro iPod mini speaker is blasting a symphonic-rock band that only released one album, but that album is one of my favorites. Naturally, I'm belting as loudly as I can, and possibly very off-key. I can hear myself singing it off-key, actually. Haven't heard this Tear The World Down from We Are The Fallen in ages. Say what you want about this 'Evanescence spin-off group', but I love this album. It makes me want to sing, dance ballet, write music, and it's perfect for fashion-sketching to, drawing monsters to, and deep-thinking to.

Everything I listen to, no matter how old or new the love is for that music, is an inspiration for whatever I create. Whether the creation is any type of visual art, writing, or what-have-you, it's always created to the sound of music... except for whatever music I'm making at the time.

Tunes are always playing, though.

I don't think I'd be the artist I am today without The Dresden Dolls, System Of A Down, or Breaking Benjamin.

Sure, these are all artists that use instruments in their music while my main instruments are my laptop, a synth, and my iPhone, but all music teaches me something about the music I want to make.

My new three-song single, Forgetting the Forgotten, is another foray into the depths of my mind. It's another electro-instrumental look at my mental state through some of the toughest parts of my life.

The title comes from wanting my year in a psych ward, and the leftover memories of it, to stay in the past.

It comes from what I've already forgotten of that year, remembering in little spurts the fears I felt most when locked inside. In turn, the forgotten needs to be re-forgotten, or forgotten again, in order for me to live peacefully within my own mind.

You can find it on Apple Music, here, or on Spotify, here. It's also for sale on iTunes... and guess what? Before you stream it on Apple Music or Spotify, you can also stream it here, on the website, using the Amphitheater page. Each song is for sale for a dollar on that page's playlist as well if you'd like to support this artist.

You can't see me, but I'm pointing to myself with a silly grin on my face.

There are also updated buyables (yes, I do call them 'buyables') on Etsy, here. A gallery below shows the items that I added. There aren't many, but there should be more in the coming days. One item was also fixed because it was not how it should have been listed. There are some other listings I'll be fixing the descriptions on as well.

Until then, check these out below. If you like, go check out the Etsy shop! There are arrows on either side of the photograph below for easy scrolling.

If you're interested in journaling prompts and fictional prompts, check out my Pinterest. And, as always, most of my art ends up on Instagram before it ends up in the galleries, on Pinterest, or on Etsy.


Helena Ortiz

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