3 New Songs About Life & Death

Music is something I've done all my life, starting when I was an eight-year-old taking singing lessons. At nine, I began writing my very first lyrics. Although my skills developed greatly, that's not the type of music I write... yet. Before venturing into music with vocals, it made more sense to me to try creating music without singing so that sounds could be explored before committing to a complete genre.

It's why, right now, my experimental mind likes to label my music 'experimental', for marketing reasons. Well... maybe not only marketing reasons because to me, it's all an experiment. It's mostly electronic -- a far cry away from the hard rock that I wrote as a teenager.

Creating different new things in different ways is a passion of mine that will never fade, which is another reason why I'm making music the way I never have before. Making something I've never done while perfecting something else, or at least trying to teach myself different sounds and what sounds good with what, is the best way to learn. Another important way to learn is to share everything I have done.

I do not believe in not sharing every bit of art I've ever done. There is a place for all of the arts made for Marmosetic Wolves, whether they're mistakes or oopses or what. This, to me, is important to keep in mind. I will never keep a mistake and say that is does not exist. Of course mistakes exist. We learn from them whenever they happen, or at least we should, and then we try to sweep them under the metaphorical rug.

That's not the way I like to operate.

You can tell by the Shame In The Void art gallery I have on this website. Or my single "Whale Sex," which was literally the first song I've ever written that wasn't me singing my lyrics or pounding on a keyboard-slash-piano.

There are some mistakes to the right here for your viewing (and laughing) pleasure.

So, even if they're not good, I'm sharing all of the songs I write. That's the handy thing about working for yourself: you can. There's no one to sit around and tell you that you can't share something or sell something because it's not good enough. That's not saying that I don't try to perfect it before I share or sell it, or even that I don't show it to several people, and several artists, before I do share or sell it. What it's saying is that, I care about sharing my journey to becoming a better artist with you more than I care about the falsehoods of being a 'perfect artist'.

No artist is perfect.

And, to be clear, nothing is perfect. Nothing is 'good'. Nothing is 'bad', either. These words are descriptors of a broad spectrum of who likes what and why. Most people don't know why they like or favorite something, so they end up just saying they like it because it's 'good.' What's that supposed to mean?

Of course, now we're conditioned by the media to believe that something is 'good' or 'bad' without even having to hear it or watch it in order to create our own opinions of it. Before we experience it, we already have an opinion.

That's one of the many reasons why I share everything because nothing is good or bad. It just is. And because it just is, it exists, and if it exists, people should make their own opinions of it on their own terms rather than listening to me spout on and on about how good it is...

... when others might think it's terrible.

And yes, all of this just to say that I wrote three songs in a mini EP that I like to call, What Is Life? You can find it in the Amphitheater and on SoundCloud right now. In the future, it will be on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

As always, if you'd like my stance on politics, follow my Twitter account. If you'd like to see all of my art as it comes with a daily dose of 'what is life', follow my Instagram account. Also on Insta is my daily stuff if you're interested in seeing what this artist does in their free time. Yes, I am pointing at myself with my thumbs. You just can't see it. And, finally, follow me on Pinterest for prompts -- many different types of prompts, actually. In the future, I'd like to have the them on separate pages on Marmosetic Wolves rather than only on Pinterest.


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