2 New Poems For Your Reading Pleasure

At age eleven, I began to write poetry because I believed it would aid me in writing poetic lyrics. It wasn't until much later that I learned how different lyrics were from poetry, no matter how they both have roots in each other. These self-taught lessons not only created the lyricist and musician in me, but also created a poet. It seemed that, when I was young, my poems took on a form of their own -- much different from lyrics that I wrote.

Lyrics are created to be sung.

Poetry is created to be read.

So far, I've only released one song which showcases my vocals and lyrics: "Stockholm Syndrome", a song out of the I Don't Bite... Hard EP. Although my accusations were faulty (I learned part of the truth this past week), the emotion behind this song rings true.

As promised, I've been adding four poems from each of my poetry collections so that you have a greater sense of my style. Yes, some books have better poems than others. Sometimes that's because I write through a block and come up with a bunch of poems I don't know that the hell to do with... and sometimes it's just because I've exhausted one topic to death and I still want to be heard.

Of course, there are many other variables, but sometimes, when stuck, it's best to remember what my poetry professor from Ithaca College taught me: when writing poetry, it's best to give details of the event or emotion rather than stating the emotion -- that, with poetry, people will be able to infer the emotion through the description of what is happening.

Obviously, I still struggle with that, but as long as I keep his lessons in mind, I will become a better poet.

There is no glass ceiling on talent, and as long as we accept that, we will continue to evolve in our journeys of personal and generational evolution.

There are two poems that have now been added to the little corner of this website which holds many poems for your reading pleasure: "Blackbird Pie" and "art is magic." Someday, I plan on revisiting all of my old poetry, expanding on them, and republishing them in a larger collection of every poem I've written over the past decade, much like I'm doing with the stories from my first collection, Thistle: 16 Horror Stories.

It's great that I can do that because I'm my own boss. Wee!

Don't be afraid to find Thistle.

Poetry, however is much different from a short story, just like poetry is much different from lyrics. With most, you don't have to have a beginning, middle, and end. However, just like with most arts, you must have an idea that's feasible to create with the media you have on hand... or the media you can create to create more media.

"Blackbird Pie" is my reflection of what life means after death, and what it means to die as an outsider only to fill a void with other outsiders. It tells of the stagnant feeling of being both dead and alive, living in static form of life that follows you everywhere like the rain. And, most importantly, what it feels like to know that those bigger than you are going to use you, your words, and your life to feed their own needs.

"art is magic." shows my love for a new medium, oil pastels, and what it was like

exploring how to create using those artistic utensils. It's about how close we can become to mediums we, as artists, love to use and explore. No matter whether we're good at what we love to do or not, there is always a sort of pride that goes into finishing or creating something we long to finish.

What is 'good', anyway? Isn't that subjective? This isn't pop music. We're not purchasing our place on The Charts. We're artists.

Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all loads of fun, and what I use as my everyday social accounts. Yes, Twitter is like purgatory, and will only get worse, but I like sharing my political opinions just like everyone else. When I'm not being rather opinionated, I like being weird, cracking jokes, and being snarky about life stuff... because adulting, right? And, I love Instagram for sharing my art, and life stuff in the story function. Pinterest is great for everything else... if you, my lovely audience, is interested in my everything else. And yes, Marmosetic Wolves also has a Facebook page.

Have fun!


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