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Short Story

Bark. Bark. Bark.


It was dark. Bark. Bark. It was hot. My paws hurt from standing. I hurt from standing.

It was attached to a pole. Trying to sit hurt. It hurt trying to sit. Collar choked me. Leash pulled collar. It hurt.

I don’t like hurt. 


She left me here. Left me here, hungry. 


My paws sink more into mud. I’m covered in mud. Some of it crusty. Some of it fresh. Some of it smelled like rain. Some smelled like worms. I like worms, but ate all of them. They were only food I ate. Too long.

Too, too long.

So hungry.

So, so hungry.

My eyes don’t see straight. Feel weird. I feel weird. Like I’m going to fall. Leash keeps me standing up. It’s tied too high. I tug on it. Cough. Tug again. Cough. 

My eyes don’t see straight. Feel weird. White, blacks, and greys all together. Vision too blurry. All stuff in sight look like one thing — like one, big, blurry thing.

My insides sting. They burn.

So hungry.

Too hungry.

Feel like barf-y. Feel like I’ll barf. Don’t feel right. Feel like my insides shrinking.

I yanked at my collar. Coughed. Yanked again. Coughed some more.

Keep trying. Keep trying. Keep trying.

Need to be freed. 

Hurts too much.

I yanked again. Coughed. Wish I was free.

What is free like? Been here too long. How am I still here?

Where is she? 

Bark. Bark. Bark.

People! People!

Not people I know. I want to know them! I want to know them!

People! People! 

I see a man, a man, and a woman! There are people! I see people!

People! People!

Bark. Bark. Bark.

They have food! Food! It’s meat! It smells like meat! They have meat! I love meat! Meat is good! Meat is good!

They walk slowly to me. They’re careful. They look scared. For me? Why scared for me? 

The woman says something. I don’t know. She reaches out her hand. Scratches behind my ear. Feels so, so good. I thump my leg. 

Thump. Thump. Thump. 

One of the men gave me a piece meat. I eat it out of his hand. It’s white. Still hot.

Chicken! I love chicken! Chicken!

The woman unhooks me from the pole. I bark at them. I happy bark at them. I chase my tail for a few seconds, then get another piece of chicken. I love chicken. These people are nice!

I love people!

The man with the chicken scratches my chin. It feels good. I close my eyes. Thump my tail. 

Lick his hand. He tastes like chicken. He smells like chicken. I keep licking his hand. Spit makes his hand shiny. Then another taste. Human? He smells good. Like fake woods. Like many men smell. Fake wood and those paper thingies people look at with all the pages. 

Smell makes me more hungry.

He’s laughing.

He’s happy. He’s happy! I chase my tail again.

I nip at him. Bite his fingers. I bite his fingers. Human taste. I like human taste. 

Tastes good. Bite his fingers again. Blood everywhere. Blood explosion. I love blood! 

Blood is good! 

Blood is good!

 Blood is good!

They’re all screaming, but he tastes good. I keep crunching. He’s lying on his back. He’s trying to get me off. Can’t stop. I don’t know why. I can’t stop. I ate all the chicken. Still hungry. I eat and eat and eat.

I keep eating. He tastes like human. Humans taste good. I like eating human. I want to eat more human. I will eat more human. There’s lots and lots of him left. Lots and lots of him.

I eat and eat and crunch-crunch and munch-munch.

His bones snap easy. I’m covered in blood.

Lick my paws. Lick my teeth. Lick up to my nose. Lick my paws.

The other two got away. They got away. I saw them run.

This forest is too big for them.

They’ll get lost. I will find them. I will find them. It will be easy. I have good nose.

I will find them and eat and eat and eat….

People are fun.

This story is a part of my upcoming short horror collection, Horripilate. Follow the Marmosetic Wolves social accounts to discover when it's released.

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