Photography & Sketches

Learning 'The Eye'

When I first learned the difference between a 'snap' and a 'photograph'.

The Main Misses

Hilarious misses... or photographs that are just plain boring and couldn't hit the 'special' mark, all with 'MISS' typed over them.

Have I Learned 'The Eye'?

All of those pieces I took when my brain was connected to my eye and my eye was connected to my brain.


First Doodles

When I first began to learn surrealist art through doodling.

Vergüenza en el vacío

.... Una galería para todos los errores, accidentes hilarantes y bajas ridículas, todo con la palabra 'ANULAR' garabateada sobre ellos.

El museo del orgullo

... Todas esas piezas que me encanta saber que dibujé ...

2020 Marmosetic Wolves

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